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We help businesses prevent stress in the workplace

Reduce employee burnout and optimize workplace performance with our customized stress prevention program, featuring EEG technology and mental health tools.

The 3-step Stress Prevention Program

Mental health assessment

First, we provide the tools for employees to measure their cognitive activity on a weekly or monthly basis. We use industry-standard methods for using this data to measure stress levels objectively, accurately, and anonymously. We supplement these analyses with stress questionnaires and personal surveys to gather 360-degree insights regarding how people are feeling and why.

Anonymized stress report

After the data collection process, we provide company-wide or department-level stress reports. This process ensures that all employee data is anonymous. Our reports highlight patterns, trends, and potential stressors that may be affecting employee well-being, ultimately allowing for targeted interventions and improvements to promote a healthier work environment.

Customized prevention tools

Based on the results of the mental health assessment and the needs of each company, we provide stress prevention tools and exercises that employees can practice on their own without disrupting their working time. These tools have been created by mental health professionals to decrease stress levels, optimize performance, and improve the quality of well-being at the office.

We ensure privacy for everyone

All collected data is anonymous

To prioritize privacy, the collected data is anonymized at a department level. This means that individual employee data is combined with others from the same department, effectively removing personally identifiable information. This anonymization process ensures that the privacy of each employee is protected while still allowing for meaningful analysis at the department level.

No data is used without consent

Department heads have the ability to request a report based on the collected data. However, before any data is used, employees are prompted to give their consent. This ensures transparency and empowers employees to make informed decisions about their data usage. By allowing employees to have control over their data, the company promotes a culture of trust and respect.



After completing the pilot project, I especially feel a better quality of sleep and a greater mental well-being at home, as I have become better at pushing worrying thoughts away from me. This means that I have better peace of mind to have the big picture and ensure performance while I am at work.

Thor Damsgaard

It is enlightening how minimal and simple tools are needed to change one's attitude in the head. I have been given tools to work with my focus and inner calm, so I relax more at work.

Jeanine Lind
To get a quote or more information, contact our representative Frederik Schiøtz
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Meet the team


Thomas Ousterhout

Co-founder & CEO

Thomas has a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Copenhagen and 10 years of experience with EEG technology in academia and the private sector. Thomas oversees everything at Neurora, ensuring that academic best practices and research are at the core of all our collaborations.


Jakob Terrell Sutton

Co-founder & CTO

Jakob Terrell Sutton is a MSc in biomedical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen specializing in signal processing, machine learning, data analysis, and BCI applications. Jakob is responsible for the development of our technology and the implementation of our services.


Frederik Schiøtz

Co-founder & CSO

Frederik Schiøtz is a BA in international sales and marketing from CPH Business Academy and a certified yoga teacher and mental health trainer with 5 years of professional experience within B2B enterprise selling to HR.


Casper Sejrup

Software Developer

Casper is an experienced software developer with a strong background in computer science. At Neurora, he creates innovative health-tech services and focuses on efficient project management. He is passionate about technology and making a positive impact through meaningful projects.


Henrik Horst

Business Advisor

Henrik has more than 30 years of experience in sales and business relations. He is in charge of bringing our stress prevention services into the boardrooms. He is using his own experience with severe stress as a driver towards establishing Neurora on the global health-tech scene